Pest Control


Pest Control

They may be tiny, but their costs can be huge.

News headlines of food illness, pest infestations and cross contamination are increasing as is the public awareness of cleanliness and food quality. This means local, state and federal policies are becoming tighter.

If you have an insect, rodent or bird problem in your home or office, give us a call right away. We provide professional services to remove pests using safe and effective methods. Learn more about our services and give us a call today to speak with an expert.

Rodents (Rats and Mice)

Rodents not only multiply quickly, they are destructive and transmit diseases like, Lassa fever, Hemorrhagic fever, Plague, Lyme disease, Colorado tick fever, west nile virus just to name a few. Contact us before they have a chance!


Flying insects are carriers of bacteria that causes diseases like dysentery; gastroenteritis and salmonellosis. Given the significant risk of food contamination, flies pose a real health risk. Our range work with UV-A lamps wich optimised to match the fly's vision spectrum.

European Wasps

Increasingly common in Canberra and surrounding areas, European wasps are potentially life threatening to people. They are very aggressive especially around their nests and can sting repeatedly. Only a professional pest controller should attempt to treat wasp nests.



There are thousands of species of spiders in Australia, some of which can be difficult to control. Not all spiders are dangerous, but they are a particular nuisance in and around Commercial and Residencial premises.


Possums have adapted to urban development and use commercial and residential premises as shelter. Possums cause damage to insulation, electrical wires, plaster board and food stock. Hygiene problems from food contamination from posssums droppings and urine.


Ant control can be difficult at most times. The most common pest found in Commercial and Domestic homes in Australia. Black & Brown ants not only nest in the ground but also can nest inside walls, roof voids and power sockets causing fires. Ants also attack food stock making it contaminated which costs you money.


Pigeons are considered a real nuisance for business. Pigeons cause property damage, unsightly and unpleasant mess including unpleasant smells. Pigeons can carry diseases like Histoplasmosis, Cryptocosis, Psittacosis Salmonellosis, and E.coli just to name a few.


Cockroaches are well known for spreading diseases and are associated with various other health risks. Exposure to this insect could put you at risk of Salmonella, Dysentery Gastro-enteritis, and increases in eczema and asthma have been linked to cockroach droppings.

Fruit Flies

It is extremely difficult to get rid of fruit (bar, sugar) flies as they reproduce rapidly. Fruit flies are also capable of breeding in decaying or fermenting products like, meat, trash, rotten fruit and organic materials.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs exist not only overseas but also in Australia in both residential and commercial premises such as Hotels, Motels and Serviced Apartments.


Fleas are common problem in homes and businesses as they are not just carried by pets but also by Rats, Mice, Pigs, Rabbits and our furry animals. Eggs will hatch on animals, rugs, carpet, bedding, carpets and in grass.

Textile Pests

Textile pests include Carpet Beetles, Clothes Moths, Tapestry Moths, Pantry Moths and webbing Moths which feed on books, carpet and any organic materials like Mohair, Silk, Leather etc.

Whatever your suspicions are it’s better to contact us than harm your family or business by allowing these pests to thrive. Book Now and we’ll be able to help you.