Hygiene Services

Hygiene Services

Leave your washroom hygiene in our hands.

In the media we are swamped with stories and information on germs that threaten our every day health. E&T Group Australia can offer hygiene service programs from ladies sanitation waste bins, to air fresheners and a comprehensive washroom hygiene super clean service.

Sanitary Waste Bins

Your female staff and customers will love this clean 22Lt sleek discreet hands free (auto) waste bin. Our survey has found 99% of women don't like touching the lid. E&T Group Australia has made it possible to aford auto bins at the price of manuals.

Air Freshener

Smelly toilets give the impression of unhygienic, improperly maintained bathrooms.

Air fresheners create a positive experience. Customers are more likely to return to a fresh clean bathroom.

Soap Dispensers

Hands free (auto) antibacterial foam soap dispensers promote super clean hands. Fight the spread of germs and illnesses in your work place.

Nappy Waste Bins

All mothers will love this clean 40Lt step and drop waste bin. Our nappy bins have a 2 phase lid system, 1 foot pedal lid and 2 secondary trap door lid that keeps all odours in.

Urinal and Toilet Sanitiser

Build up of harmful bacteria is a health & safety hazard. Insufficient cleaning tell-tales are brown staining and stale urine smells. Our sanitisers break down uric acids that crystallises in toilets, urinals and pipe work.

Hand and Toilet Sanitiser

Stop the spread of germs and illnesses, surfaces can harbour a number of harnful bacteria. Our dispensers use a powerful sanitiser that kills 99.9% odours like e-coli.

Syringe Dispisal Units

Safe disposal of blood contaminated syringes is a concern for all members of your staff and the public. Our secure metal syring units cover all WHS and EPA guidelines.

Urinal Bio Tabs

Build up of harmful bacteria is not only a health hazard, it also causes urinal smells. Sanitisers like Bio Tabs and Urinal Screens break down uric acid that crystallises in the urinal and pipe work. Our tabs and screens are suitable for flushing, non-flushing and low pressure urinals.

Washroom Hygiene Super Clean

Bring your washroom back to a sanitary clean and hygienically safe part of your premises with our washroom hygiene super clean. Normal cleaning just pushes dirt, bacteria and uric acids around. Our super lean service includes scrubbing urinals, toilets, walls, floors, pipes which removes all built-in dirt and uric acid build up leaving your washroom super clean. Creating a positive impression on your staff and clients.